The GP1-R is Shipping!


Each GP1-R comes with a custom fairing to match the application.

We’ve been making exhausts here at Jardine for a long time, and we love what we do. Every now and then a really special idea comes along, and it really changes our way of thinking. That’s exactly what happened with our new GP1-R exhaust — the result of a lot of inventive thinking, planning, and some of Jardine’s best engineering work to date. Just one glance tells you that these exhausts are revolutionary; not only in looks but also in the way they’re made. We make each one of the GP1-R exhausts in our Corona, California, headquarters from 304 stainless-steel thin-walled tubing that saves up to 10 pounds compared to your bike’s stock exhaust. And each model is specially designed to fit and follow the exact lines of your sportbike (there’s no “one size fits all” going on with the GP1-R). With its unique mounting position, the GP1-R also lowers your bike’s center of gravity for improved handling and stability when you get up to speed. Speaking of speed, the horsepower gains with this pipe are impressive! You’ll get more easily accessible power throughout the RPM range, making your sportbike look and feel like a rocketship.


The GP1-R is dyno proven to make noticeable power gains, and saves up to 10 pounds over stock exhaust systems.

The GP1-R exhaust is the all-around package of looks and functionality with that little something extra to make you stand out in a crowd of undertails and carbon fiber cans. We’re really proud of the GP1-R, and we’re sure that you’ll appreciate the amazing aesthetic, the custom fit, the weight savings, horsepower boost and the heads that will turn as you cruise on by. It’s one of those special products that will speak volumes without you having to take off your helmet and say a word.

Check out our web site to find the application that fits your bike:

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What Goes Into Your Jardine Exhaust Pipe?

Ever wonder what goes into making that Jardine exhaust pipe you’ve got on your bike or ATV? There’s a lot going on behind the scenes that you may not know about, so we’ll give you an inside look at what goes on day to day in our Corona warehouse:

1. R&D

The original concept for new products comes to life in our R&D room. Our engineers and designers come together to create a product that is both high quality and high performance. Long hours are spent in R&D testing, altering, and re-testing until that perfect fit is achieved, and once a design is settled on, it’s on to the next stage – production!

2. Production

At Jardine, we use the latest technology in making our products: high tech CMM and Vector Infrared Tracer machines that copy prototypes to the same specifications used by NASA, automated punch presses, and CNC tube cutters and benders that manipulate metal quickly and accurately. With this complex machinery, we’re able to repeatedly produce all the components necessary for a flawless exhaust pipe.

3. Assembly

Once all the pieces are made, it’s time to bring them all together! Assembly includes polishing, plating or coating, and the final quality check to make sure there were no defects in the process. Once it’s passed inspection, the pipe heads over to packaging, where they box and prepare it for shipping.

4. Shipping

Shipping is the final part of the process. Our shipping department works hard to ensure that our pipes make it to their destination, from dealerships and factory race teams to your motorcycle or ATV at home.

With over 50 years of experience, a skilled, hard-working staff, and bleeding edge technology, we’ve found a way to consistently make superior products, and we’re only getting better as time goes on!

Welcome to the Jardine Blog!

Welcome to the Jardine Blog!

Over the next few months, we’ll have a lot to offer in this space, from details on our new and current products, to commentary on our racing efforts, and whatever else  our fans would like to read about!

So, in this first post, we’re going to tell you a little about ourselves with a brief history of the company.

Though we’re known for making high-performance motorcycles exhaust pipes, our first exhaust systems weren’t for motorcycles – they were for hot rods! Jardine achieved great success in automotive performance parts and it was no time before we launched into the two-wheeled world. With a lot of hard-on work and an intrinsic love for riding, we managed to create products that truly caught on and resonated within the motorcycle community.

Flash-forward to 2011: some of the world’s best road racing, motocross, and off-road racers, have used, and continue to use our exhaust pipes. Jardine has helped to propel numerous riders to victories and championships in some of the world’s most prestigious series. But our supporters aren’t all factory superstars – they come from all backgrounds, of all different skill levels, from all over the world.

With our many devoted fans and riders, as well as our cutting-edge technology, things are looking good for Jardine.  Our primary focus has never shifted from our original start-up… and it never will. We make the highest quality products possible, with industry leading performance, and attention to every detail.  Leadership is what we strive for and we like to think that we fulfill the expectations of our loyal customers.

So in the spirit of this first post, why don’t you leave a comment below and tell us a little about yourself?

Stay tuned for more updates, and be sure to check us out online at,,