SuperTrapp Industries, Inc.

4540 W. 160th Street
Cleveland, OH 44135-0130
P:  216-265-8400
F:  216-265-0130
E:  Jardine@SuperTrapp.com

History of the Company

Summit Industries, Inc. was initially established in 1980 as a holding company. In later years, Summit acquired Jardine Products and began manufacturing accessories for the motorcycle industry and all terrain vehicle industry (ATV). Then in 2001, Summit purchased Doug Thorley Headers, which manufactures headers for automobiles, trucks and recreational vehicles. For most of the more than twenty years now, the company has gained a reputation for manufacturing the highest quality of accessories, such as complete lines of exhaust systems, handle bars, wheels, headers and various other things.

Because of the versatility and adaptability of its equipment, it gave the company an opportunity to pursue other products in other industries to manufacture. The company made progress in soliciting business.

The company is continuing its research and development of products it carries in-house with only the best and high standard known to the market. With continuous participation in trade shows and advertising in trade shows and advertising in trade magazines, the company is hopeful in attracting more business from other branches of industries requiring our type of manufacturing process and service for their prospective products.

The company remains optimistic in achieving its bottom line goals for the years ahead with renewed vigor and determination. After 20 years we are still growing and attempting to prepare for the challenges of the future.

Jardine Performance Products WWW.JARDINEPRODUCTS.COM

In 1958, Jardine developed its first exhaust system for Hot Rod Cars. In 1972, we applied that performance technology to our first high performance exhaust system for motorcycles. In those days, computer simulation, CAD Cam, Vector Tracing, and all the other technology that we use today, just wasn’t readily available. R&D was done the good old fashioned way; hand build a prototype, run it out to the dyno to make some smoke, then repeat as required to get just the right power, sound, and styling. The rest is history. But unlike most manufactures, Jardine will never forget its history and that golden era of performance motorcycles.

Nowadays, Jardine exhaust systems are manufactured using the latest technology. High tech CMM and Vector Infrared Tracer machines copy prototypes to NASA type specs. Automated punch presses, CNC Tube Cutters and Benders manipulate metal at incredible rates of accuracy and speed. In one fluid motion, robotic arms plasma cut shapes and weld components together from precisely written computer programs and fixtures. Final assembly includes polishing, plating or coating, and packaging.


 SuperTrapp Industries, Inc. WWW.SUPERTRAPP.COM

In August of 2012, SuperTrapp Industries, Inc. acquired Jardine Performance Products and moved them from Corona, CA to Cleveland, OH.  Kevin Berger, President of SuperTrapp Industries, Inc. stated, “We look forward to adding Jardine Performance Products to the SuperTrapp family of products.  We are confident that the combined talents and resources of the two brands will be of a great benefit to our customers and market place.”

The history of the SuperTrapp muffler begins in the Davis, Calif. garage of inventor Paul Moller. In the late sixties he was immersed in experimental trials of the XM-3, his early attempt at a flying automobile. In desperate needs of funds, Moller began looking for an intermediate, far easier target for his newly developed tunable disc technology. Eventually Moller turned to a passion of his – motorcycles – and the SuperTrapp muffler was born, soon becoming one of the most popular aftermarket accessories ever made for motorcycles.

From those humble beginnings SuperTrapp Industries, Inc. has been a leading manufacturer of performance exhaust products for motorcycle, ATV and automotive applications for over 40 years. In addition to their signature tunable disc diffuser exhaust systems, SuperTrapp manufactures the Kerker brand of exhaust systems, Road Legends Series, designed by master bike builder, Paul Yaffe and TC Racing exhausts, designed by master ATV engine builder, Tom Carlson.  In 2011, SuperTrapp Industries also acquired and now manufactures the JayBrake (www.jbrake.com) product line which includes forward foot controls, handlebar controls, foot pegs, grips, brake calipers, and other motorcycle accessories to fit Harley-Davidson and American V-Twin motorcycles as well as FPS Racing (www.FPSRacing.com) and manufactures high performance radiators, oil coolers and accessories directed towards the off road dirt bike, ATV & UTV markets.

SuperTrapp is also the OEM supplier on major domestic and international bike brands. SuperTrapp also manufactures private label brands for the aftermarket parts and accessory programs of many major motorcycle manufacturers and for the larger distributors in the U.S., Europe and Japan.


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